(Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure)

Feeding Friends

Since 1980

Before we ever opened the doors of Orlando’s, we spent many long nights, envisioning a restaurant that would reflect our passions to create a unique and memorable dining experience.

We wanted to present Orlando’s Sicilian heritage and culinary arts, in surroundings that would create an intimate, yet lively setting. As a painter, my passion has always been in visual arts, and both of us make music a big part of our lives. Orlando’s would be an elixir of the things we love and want to share with our family and Friends.

Today, Orlando’s has become the only Italian restaurant in the South Bay offering an authentic Sicilian cuisine with local live music. The venues decor is industrial-chic, reminiscent of a loft-style gallery, with the warm vibe of a neighborhood trattoria.

Orlando’s welcomes the entire family with a kids menu and delicious deserts, including a chocolate nutella pizza topped with toasted marshmallows and fresh strawberries.

Chef Orlando Mule

Owner / Chef  

From a young age Orlando Mule loved to watch people prepare food. My Italian grandmother, my mom and chefs who worked at our family restaurant inspired me and made me eager to start cooking.

My father was a butcher and owned his paternal family butcher shop/Italian grocery store. Later, moving on with his own family, opened two restaurants that I’ve been involved in: our family business “Orlando le Roi du Sous-Marin” since it first opened in 1980 and “Trattoria del Buon Gustaio” from 1982 to 1989.

I started working there during the weekends and summer time. After two years of school in a business commerce program at Dawson College, I decided to pursue my managerial position in the restaurant and as a Chef. Now, with 24 years of experience in the food service, I want to bring my success here in the South Bay area, at Redondo Beach.

Artiste Carole Beauvais

Owner / Artist 

Carole has chose early in life, the canvas as her medium of self-expression. Her pursuits have won her many awards and gallery exhibition. Inspired by Van Gough and Sean Scully, her choice of palette with bold striking color, begins the viewer’s journey with and immediate impact, while the works interpretive nature commands a deeper contemplation. 

It is through this self expression, with abstract and figurative forms, that her visual rhythms are born, nurished, and cared for. Existing without boundaries and beyond the frame, her work transcends the the viewers soul.